Facts and figures

  • CASSANDRA = Common Assessment and analysis of risk in global supply chains
  • The three-year project CASSANDRA is part of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework programme for Security
  • CASSANDRA kicked off in June 2011 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • The CASSANDRA consortium comprises of 26 innovative industry leaders in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Logistics, IT, and Customs
  • There are 26 CASSANDRA partners, from 9 different countries with a total budget of 15 million euro
  • 60% of total budget will be spend directly on innovation whilst 24% of budget is used to demonstrate the CASSANDRA concept in Living Labs

The Chain Game

Apart from the usual project dissemination activities like brochures, newsletters and talks and speeches a Serious Game named ‘The Chain Game’ was created and tested. Basic idea was that serious games have proven to be an excellent medium to explain and teach complex concepts through experiential learning in a wide variety of domains since the mid-19th century. In modern supply chain logistics the stakeholders face multidimensional challenges with complex side effects and non-linear dependencies. A game typically is a simplified world, reducing this complex multidimensional problem to its essentials in order to showcase only the relevant parts. The serious game was designed to transfer the abstract chain visibility and chain control concepts into practical examples and to allow players to experience the effects of the researched innovations, even though the exact effects (in reality) were not known that time. The game was applied successfully in dissemination activities to commercial and governmental stakeholders.


Project is finalised


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 261795

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